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About Us

We're Real America

Brittany Jones is a member of many marginalized communities. She has experienced homelessness, has had a culturally diverse upbringing, is a Veteran of the U.S. Army with indigenous roots, and a member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. She is the owner and founder of Olympus Academia, the Academy of Arcane Arts, and has been a business owner for over 10 years. 

Jones is running in the 2024 Presidential Elections for the United States. After much deliberation, Jones has decided to run as an unaffiliated candidate. She cannot, in good conscience, play into the rigged two party system that our government has become today.

How you can Help!

Brittany Jones does not come from a family of money, she does not have huge corporate donors, nor is she a career politician. She needs your help to raise funds to be able to campaign thoroughly, you can donate through Paypal to the email address:

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Our Platform

Some of our view points and causes-

  • Government Transparency and Accountability- The separation of Church and States is as old as our fair nation, and various faith groups are encroaching and interfering more and more in the field of politics, vying for political power and forcing others to follow their religious tenants through enacting various laws. This needs to be stopped and the separation enforced for the protection for the freedoms we have fought long and hard to obtain. Jones would like to propose term and age limits to those serving in our Government and office, as well and legislation to prevent politicians from voting for their own pay raises. Our taxes pay the politicians, and it is their duty to serve us, the people. It should be the decision of the people to increase or decrease the pay of the politicians that serve us. The taxpayer dollars that this will save can be used to fight our homeless epidemic, our failing educations system, and our flagging healthcare system. The two party system has been bickering with each other for too long, and no longer serve the American People. It is time for a change.

  • 2nd Amendment Rights- Jones does not believe in taking away our rights to own arms, however, she is aware that there is a gun violence problem in America. Integrating psychiatric evaluations, weapons safety courses, in conjunction with the background checks would greatly reduce the amount of mass shootings. As a gun owner herself, she understands the importance of safety, proper storage to reduce gun theft, mental health access. Toxic masculinity within our society has created a barrier to men receiving the help they need, leading them to suppress their emotions which results in violent outbursts. Parents do not allow children to get mental health evaluations, leading to depression and drastic actions by teens which we have experienced as mass shootings, primarily at schools. Combining mental health care, with safety classes and background checks to own guns, and to learn how to properly store them could help with this pandemic of gun violence. 

  • Human Rights - The right of choice should be federally protected. This matter should not be up to the states as to what a person does with their medical decisions, religious preferences, or sexual orientation. These challenge to our current laws and ordinances that have come up have been especially damaging to the ones we should be protecting, our youth and minorities. Human rights should extend to all genders, races, and religions.

  • Immigration - Allocating money towards border control has proven to be a failure. We are trying to treat the symptom of a larger problem without treating the causes. We should be focusing on immigration reform, such as how immigrants can gain asylum and visas. We should also be focusing on the numbers of illegal American immigrants that are in other nations such as Mexico, South America, Canadian provinces, European nations, and many others. Brittany Jones wants to be transparent in her campaign and not be a symbol of hypocrisy.

  • The epidemic of Homelessness - Jones has previously been a homeless single mother. She'll tell you outright the challenges and difficulties and lack of resources that she faced. There are not enough programs, funding, or housing to help deal with the issue. And just like with our immigration difficulties, homelessness is a symptom of the failure of the system that is meant to help and protect the people. Instead, the system has been corrupted in such a manner that it fails to protect the most vulnerable amongst us such as; single parents, veterans, at risk youth, minorities, those with disabilities, and many more. The housing crisis and cost of living has far outpaced the rate of inflation. Jones will address these issues and work on getting the homeless places to live instead of dismissing the issues or shuffling them from place to place, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.


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