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Introducing Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones is an unaffiliated presidential candidate from Oregon, who is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the United States. She is a veteran, a mother, and someone who has lived at the poverty level her entire life. She knows what it is like. She has been advocating for social justice and equality throughout her life.

After serving her country in the military, Brittany pursued her passion for activism and politics. She has been a vocal advocate for the separation of church and state, a principle that she believes is essential to ensure religious freedom for all Americans and her own community as a Pagan. Brittany is committed to promoting a political system that respects the diversity of all religious beliefs and does not impose any particular religion upon its citizens.

Brittany's platform also focuses on promoting social justice and equality for all Americans. She believes in investing in renewable energy, creating a fair tax system, strengthening and expanding indigenous treaties, and improving the quality of education for everyone. Brittany recognizes the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to these issues to ensure that all Americans have an equal opportunity to thrive.


As a pansexual individual married to a woman, Brittany is dedicated to promoting equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. She believes in promoting an inclusive society where everyone feels welcomed and respected, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Overall, Brittany is committed to building a brighter future for all Americans. As an unaffiliated candidate, she is free from partisan constraints and is focused solely on using the system in place in a way that will benefit all Americans. With her passion, commitment, and dedication to social justice, Brittany is a strong candidate for the presidency who can bring about the change that America needs.

To serve the American people with integrity, courage, and a commitment to the common good.

Our Mission

My Mission

My mission as an independent presidential candidate is to bring fresh ideas and a new approach to leadership that puts the needs of the American people first. I am committed to promoting unity, equality, and justice for all, and to upholding the values that make our democracy strong. I believe that by working together, we can overcome the challenges we face and build a brighter future for our nation. As president, I will be a champion for the American people and will work tirelessly to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to succeed and thrive.


My Vision

My vision for this country as an unaffiliated presidential candidate is one of unity, progress, and opportunity for all. I believe that by putting aside partisan politics and working together, we can achieve great things and build a better future for ourselves and future generations. I envision a nation where every person has access to quality healthcare, education, and economic opportunity, regardless of their background or circumstances. I believe in protecting our planet, and promoting equality and justice for all. Together, we can make America whole at last.

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