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Government Transparency and Accountability Policy

It's time to apply that same level of transparency and accountability to our government. As a presidential candidate, I am committed to promoting government transparency and accountability through the following policy initiatives:

1. Strengthening Freedom of Information laws to ensure that citizens have access to information on government activities.

2. Establishing a centralized online database that provides easy access to government spending records and other financial information.

3. Supporting the requirement that all elected officials and government employees disclose their financial interests and potential conflicts of interest.

4. Supporting implementing strict ethics rules for lobbyists, including limits on campaign contributions and gifts.

5. Improving whistleblower protections to encourage government employees to report misconduct without fear of retaliation.

6. Increasing transparency in government contracting and procurement processes to prevent fraud and abuse.

7. Creating an independent oversight body to investigate and report on government waste, fraud, and abuse.

By implementing these policy initiatives, we can ensure that our government operates with transparency and accountability, and that the public has the information they need to hold elected officials and government employees accountable for their actions.

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