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Immigration Policy

As President, my administration will prioritize immigration reform over ineffective border control measures. Allocating money towards border control has proven to be a failure, as it only treats the symptoms of a larger problem without addressing the root causes.

Instead, we will focus on comprehensive immigration reform, including improving the process for immigrants to gain asylum and visas. We will also work to address the issue of illegal American immigrants in other countries, such as Mexico, South America, Canadian provinces, European nations, and many others.

Transparency and honesty are important values for my administration. We will work to ensure that our policies align with our principles and that we do not become symbols of hypocrisy. We will work with Congress to develop and implement policies that are fair, just, and compassionate towards immigrants while ensuring the safety and security of our citizens.

Together, we can create a system that provides a pathway to citizenship for those who contribute to our society, strengthens our economy, and reflects our values as a nation of immigrants.

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