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Legalizing Sex Work

A comment I have been waiting for finally was asked on Tik-Tok.

What is my stance on legalizing sex work.

During the Civil war there was a brief period of time where Prostitution was legalized in order to try to combat the spread of STIs. And it worked. However, the time for that was brief before it was made illegal again.

"Modern research has shown that when sex work is legalized, sexually transmitted diseases fall—but over a century ago, the potential benefits of regulated sex work seemed clear even without those studies. The brief but successful experiment only lasted through the end of the Civil War. But it proved the benefits of allowing sex workers to practice their trade publicly."

I say, we make it legal. With prostitution legal, the spread of STIs would drop, sex workers would be safe coming forward to report crimes of abuse and abduction without getting criminal charges themselves, and without their "product" sex traffickers would fizzle away. This would also impact drug cartels as well that use human trafficking's to smuggle drugs across borders.

There are many studies on the benefit of legalizing Prostitution between two consensual adults. From infidelity rates dropping, less STI spreading, less abductions and abuse etc. For those money minded people out there, the taxes from this industry could greatly help our economy (Fair taxes of course not the theft we face now).

Watch this video by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as he explains it so well.

Do you think that we should legalize Sex Work?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Need More Information

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