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The Lack of Military Accountability.

When PFC. Vanessa Guillen was brutally murdered at Fort Hood, TX. The military failed to properly investigate and bring justice. The public outcry and the #iamvanessaguillen brought a spotlight to the issues at Fort Hood, and led to a huge shift in the leadership there.

Now another crime is being covered up by the military with multiple deaths resulting, this time while these Soldiers are stationed in Germany.

PFC. Denisha Montgomery Smith was on a 9 month rotation in Germany, she was brutally assaulted, then later found dead. There were direct orders for soldiers not to discuss this and the family was told it was a suicide.

Another soldier PFC Colvin LaCourtney, that had connections to PFC. Smith shared her story, and was subsequently found dead in his barracks as well and was so badly beaten even the bottom of his feet had suffered abuse.

That is not all, SPC Ashley Padget was also found dead in her barracks room, all three of these Soldiers worked under the same command jurisdiction.

Our military needs a severe overhaul, as a Veteran myself I feel deeply connected with these cases as they are coming to light. I did not re-enlist and continue my own career due to the blatant sexism and lack of accountability and transparency that destroyed the last two years of my enlistment.

If I become President of the United States I will work tirelessly for Military reform to protect our brothers and sisters in arms from violence within our own ranks, and hold leadership accountable.

#jonesforpresident2024 #jonesnforchange #MilitaryReform #veterans #PresidentialElection #President

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