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Thoughts on the border

This was an interesting read and an interesting concept.

What are your thoughts on open borders?

I believe that action needs to be taken that is different than what we have been trying to do for years with out adequate results. Why don’t we view immigrants as humans? (We as in general America) The potential for revenue for the U.S. is interesting but it verges on indentured servitude and slave wages.

There are also Illegal American Immigrants in Mexico seeking some of the top doctors to perform procedures like dental work, plastic surgery, sometimes even life saving surgery. Why not make that more accessible for us? The only people that would have a negative experience from that is big medical and big pharma.

Is our border crisis created by the greed of large corporations that have tricked the majority of the population into believing that Immigrants are criminals coming to take our jobs? Created to keep Americans from finding more affordable education and healthcare?

Can we create a happy medium? Human smugglers would not exist if humans didn’t have to be smuggled.

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