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Women's rights = Human Rights

Updated: Jan 18

Women's rights have been entangled with so many other human rights movements, we could almost call the women's rights movement the human right movement, especially when you stop to consider the fluidity of gender identity.

I feel like if I were to focus my campaign on only women's rights it would be too narrow. With Roe Vs. Wade being overturned it opens up much larger issues that we must face in the medical industry regarding human rights. A woman cannot, in many cases, get her tubes tied, get a hysterectomy, or other form of permanent birth control without the consent of her husband OR be above a certain age and have multiple children already.

Not only this, but when in a transition transgender people are unfairly targeted when much needed medical procedures need to be done. A transgender woman to man should NOT need a not from their doctor to be able to get their ovaries removed when there is a growth! There are a plethora of other mundane and flippant requirements from insurance that echo the above scenario. It is not fair, it is not equal.

Consent based care should be our standard. If the patient and doctor consent to a treatment, insurance should follow their lead and not have their own set of requirements and restrictions. After all, how often do insurance agents go through medical school?

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