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Juneteenth Events

Juneteenth is a celebration of African American freedom and achievement. This important holiday commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States, and it is a time to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of oppression. To honor this momentous occasion, communities across the country hold events and festivities that highlight the rich history and culture of Black Americans. From music festivals to parades, from tasting events to art exhibits, there are countless ways to celebrate Juneteenth. This list provides a guide to Juneteenth events happening in various states, so you can join in the celebration and pay tribute to the legacy of those who fought for freedom and equality.


  • New Haven: Juneteenth celebration (date TBA)


  • Denver: Juneteenth Music Festival (June 17-19)

District of Columbia

  • Something In The Water Festival: Juneteenth Edition (June 18-19)


  • Winter Haven: Juneteenth celebration (June 18-19)


  • Atlanta: Juneteenth celebration (date TBA)

  • Atlanta History Center: Juneteenth programming (June 19)


  • Schaumburg: Juneteenth celebration (date TBA)


  • Louisville: Juneteenth celebration (date TBA)


  • Baltimore: Explore Black Art and Music for Juneteenth (June 19)

  • Reading the Bones: Celebrating the African Diaspora in Portsmouth (June 18-19)

  • Juneteenth Summit 2023 in Brooklyn (June 19)


  • Kansas City: Juneteenth celebration (June 18-19)

New Hampshire

  • Portsmouth: Reading the Bones: Celebrating the African Diaspora (June 18-19)

New Jersey

  • Willingboro: Juneteenth celebration (June 19)

New York

  • Kaleidoscope of Black Culture in New York City (June 17-19)

  • Juneteenth Summit 2023 in Brooklyn (June 19)

  • Juneteenth 2023 Parade and Festival in Buffalo (June 18-19)

North Carolina

  • Raleigh: Juneteenth celebration (date TBA)

  • Juneteenth celebrations in Charlotte (date TBA)


  • Cincinnati: Juneteenth Festival (June 17-19)


  • Central Oregon: Juneteenth Celebration 2023 | Discovering Our Roots (June 17-19)


  • 2023 Juneteenth Freedom Day Celebration in Pittsburgh (June 19)

South Carolina

  • Tasting events in Charleston (June 17-19)

  • Juneteenth Family Fest Charleston-North Charleston (June 18-19)


  • Celebrate Juneteenth 2023 where it all began in Galveston (June 18-19)

  • Walk for Freedom with Opal Lee in Fort Worth (June 17-19)

  • Juneteenth in the Park, Norfolk Waterfront (June 18-19)

  • Garland 2023 Juneteenth Celebration (June 17-19)

  • San Antonio: Juneteenth celebration (June 19)

  • Vallejo Juneteenth Festival & Parade in Vallejo, California (June 18-19)


  • Tour of Alexandria (June 19)

  • Juneteenth 2023 in Henrico County (June 18-19)

  • Block party in Richmond (June 18)

  • Parade and party at Emancipation Park in Houston (June 19)

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