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Land Use Freedom and Property Rights Act

**Title: Land Use Freedom and Property Rights Act**

**Section 1: Purpose and Intent**

The purpose of this Act is to uphold the property rights of private landowners in the state of Oregon, providing them with greater freedom to utilize their land for personal use, including living in trailers or camping, without undue government interference.

**Section 2: Definitions**

(a) "Private landowner" refers to an individual or entity owning private land within the state of Oregon.

(b) "Trailer" refers to a mobile living structure designed for human habitation.

(c) "Camping" refers to temporary outdoor living activities, such as residing in tents or temporary shelters.

**Section 3: Land Use Rights**

(a) Private landowners shall have the right to use their land for personal habitation in trailers or through camping, without being subjected to time restrictions.

(b) Private landowners shall not be subjected to regulations that unduly restrict their ability to allow individuals, including family members and guests, to live in trailers or camp on their land.

(c) Private landowners shall not be required to obtain permits for allowing individuals to live in trailers or camp on their land.

**Section 4: Environmental and Safety Considerations**

(a) Nothing in this Act shall exempt private landowners from complying with existing environmental protection laws and safety regulations.

(b) Local jurisdictions may enforce reasonable standards to ensure public health, safety, and environmental protection, as long as such standards do not infringe upon the fundamental rights granted by this Act.

**Section 5: Severability**

If any provision of this Act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the Act or the application of the provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected.

**Section 6: Effective Date**

This Act shall go into effect immediately upon being passed and signed into law.

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