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Secular Governance Preservation Act for Oregon

**Section 1: Purpose and Intent**

The purpose of this Act is to safeguard the impartiality and integrity of the legislative process in Oregon, ensuring that elected officials do not utilize their personal religious ideologies to influence legislation and that religious organizations are transparent and restricted in their involvement in state-level legislation.

**Section 2: Eliminating Religious Bias in Legislation**

(a) Elected officials, including state legislators, representatives, and officials, shall be prohibited from leveraging personal religious ideologies to coerce, force, or impose compliance with religious beliefs on individuals through legislative processes.

(b) Legislative decisions shall be based on secular reasoning, upholding fairness, justice, and equality for Oregon's diverse population.

(c) Elected officials found in violation may face impeachment and removal from office upon impartial investigation as per the state's impeachment process.

**Section 3: Regulation of Religious Organizations' Role in Legislation**

(a) Religious organizations, as defined by state law, shall be strictly prohibited from engaging in lobbying activities to influence state legislation.

(b) Religious organizations are further barred from introducing, advocating for, or participating in the creation of state-level legislation, irrespective of their beliefs, doctrines, or objectives.

**Section 4: Implementation and Oversight**

(a) The responsibility for implementing and overseeing this legislation lies with the state's regulatory bodies, ensuring diligent and fair enforcement.

(b) An independent commission shall conduct periodic reviews of this legislation’s effectiveness and impact. Findings and recommendations shall be submitted to the state legislature for consideration.

**Section 5: Ensuring Continuity**

(a) In case of any unconstitutional or unenforceable provision, the remaining provisions shall stay in effect, preserving the legislation's integrity and purpose.

**Section 6: Commencement Date**

This Act shall become effective immediately following approval by state authorities and completion of procedural steps.

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